Company Overview

What is

Mynd is dedicated to creating a robust, seamless, and comprehensive digital communication and collaboration platform for the education, business, and public sectors. The Mynd platform will offer users everything they need in one convenient place—from hardware and software to apps and content. It will also easily integrate with other technologies, so users have the freedom to utilize the tools that are right for them.

Our technology

Interactive technology

Our current product line includes a wide range of interactive tools and technologies, with our award-winning interactive displays at the forefront. We also offer interactive software apps such as Screen Share, computing modules, and accessories that meet the unique needs of our customers, including K-12 educators, colleges and universities, small businesses and corporations, government agencies, and more.

Creation and collaboration software

Explain Everything is our new comprehensive software platform designed to make it easier than ever to create captivating lessons, presentations, and training programs that immerse people in a world of vibrant multimedia, real-time collaboration, and imaginative instruction. We also continue to offer our free award-winning ActivInspire software, which is popular among educators.

What’s coming next

We are continually working to bring diverse technologies together to simplify how people communicate and collaborate. That involves expanding our current line of hardware and software solutions, as well as creating groundbreaking tools with new technologies, such as AI, to save time and reduce workloads; apps designed to simplify communication and collaboration; and dynamic content to engage and inspire.

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